Sinusitis is the swelling of the sinuses, usually caused by an infection. It’s common after a cold or flu.


Symptoms of sinusitis include pain, swelling and tenderness around your cheeks, eyes or forehead, a blocked nose, a reduced sense of smell, green or yellow mucus from your nose, a sinus headache, a high temperature, toothache, and bad breath.

Common Causes

Sinusitis occurs when an infection causes the sinuses to swell. This can be a result of a virus like the common cold or flu spreading to the sinuses, or occasionally it can be caused by bacteria.

Common Treatments

Treatment options include getting plenty of rest, drinking plenty of fluids, taking painkillers, avoiding allergic triggers and not smoking, cleaning your nose with a salt water solution to ease congestion.

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Convenience: Your pharmacist can advise you about medicines that can help, such as decongestant nasal sprays or drops to unblock your nose, salt water nasal sprays or solutions to rinse out the inside of your nose. Occasionally, antibiotics may be required. Seeking advice and treatment for Sinusitis directly from your local Cohens Chemist will be more convenient than waiting for a GP appointment.

Expertise: Our pharmacists are healthcare professionals who have expert training and can provide valuable advice and appropriate treatment for Sinusitis.

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