Access your medical record

Connecting your myCohens account to your GP surgery allows you to access your medical record online. Conveniently view a range of different sections such as immunisations, test result and even clinical documents sent to you from either your GP or another clinical professional. You can access your data on any device. Anytime. Anywhere.

Ready to take control of your healthcare? Click here to learn how to view your medical record using myCohens.

Check your medical conditions seamlessly on myCohens


View past and present medical conditions that have been added to your record

View and manage your past and present medication with Cohens Chemist


Review the medication you are currently prescribed to take as well as looking at medication you’ve taken in the past

View your allergy information with a click of a button on myCohens


View your clinical allergy information all in one place

Clinical test results are visible on your medical record

Test Results

Had tests done recently? With myCohens you can access your history of medical test results seamlessly

View your immunisation information, vaccine dates and which types you had. See what and when you had your COVID-19 vaccinations


View all of the immunisations you’ve had including the COVID-19 vaccination doses and annual flu vaccine

Access clinical documents sent to you by your GP or medical professional using myCohens


You can also review any documentation that is on record related to your health. This includes documents created by your GP as well as any clinical professional responsible for your care

How can I connect with my GP

The easiest way to connect with your GP is through NHS login. We’ve partnered with the NHS to allow you to log into myCohens with your NHS login details. Join 30 million people across England with an NHS login account.

Download our app

Available on both iOS and Android, the myCohens app is the easiest way to manage your account. Receive real-time notifications straight to your phone with reminders to order your NHS repeat medication so you never run out unexpectedly. We know how busy life can get at times and that’s why we’ve designed the app to fit around you. Download the app today and take control of your healthcare.