Insect Bites

Infected insect bites occur when bacteria or other pathogens enter the body through the bite wound.


Symptoms of infected insect bites include increased redness, swelling, heat, pain, pus or discharge, itching, increased tenderness, and fever and malaise.

Common Causes

Infected insect bites can be caused by bacterial ingress, scratching, or infected insect vectors.

Common Treatments

Antibiotics are not required for most insect bites or stings, and your Cohens Chemist will be able to provide over-the-counter treatment to help ease the symptoms, including topical creams to help with itching, and antihistamine tablets to reduce pain, swelling and itchiness. Occasionally oral antibiotics may be required to help clear up an infected insect bite.

Visit Cohens Chemist on advice on Infected Insect Bites

A pharmacist will be able to tell you what you can do to treat the bite yourself, if you can buy anything to help, or provide antibiotics if indicated by the pharmacist.

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